September 2013 Board Meeting

Roanoke Valley Community Band
Board of Directors Meeting

September 23, 2013 Minutes

Myron White
Pat Reidy
Mitzi Willingham
Susan Kraterfield
Ken Richardson
Barry Tucker
Randy Moore
Carol Moles
Stan King
Janice King

The meeting was called to order by Pat Reidy

Budget –

  • Website has current financial statement
  • Discussion on how we need to disburse the funds from Roanoke City Grant for year 2013
  • Motion was made for Roanoke City School Middle School Band Students to have opportunity to  play with the band and scholarship for paid lessons. Lessons would be available for flute, clarinet or trumpet players only in January 2014.
  • Audit was performed and found records are satisfactory
  • Grant Writing. Judy Hagadorn was suggested as a contact person for grant writing or information about grants and grant writing. Myron will follow up

Band Membership Issues

  • Barry has requested that membership must attend the prior 3 (three) rehearsals before any concert and will discuss at first rehearsal.
  • Email is the most convenient means of mass communication.  Request that email listing be posted for a minimum of 5 (five) weeks for membership to add/correct information (Pat Reidy & Secretary).  The few non-email members have volunteers who will keep them informed.
  • Survey to be distributed via Survey-Monkey to the email list concerning possibly adding breaks into our rehearsal schedule and going later in the calendar year (June or July). Results of survey will be announced at the next board meeting.
  • Instrumental parts seem to be out of balance.  Director has authority to change personnel on each part.
  • Setting up for rehearsals and performances.  Barry will provide a seating chart to set-up for rehearsal and performances.  Pat Reidy and Randy Moore will be in charge.
  • Section Leaders.  More responsibility required.  Attendance need to taken each week. Encourage membership to email Barry with name and instrument if member plans to be absent.


  • Myron White will contact Roanoke City, planning events for any possibility of performing
  • Discussed the opportunity for a small group, possibly retired members, to be available to have a “Show and Tell Music” session will nursing homes, elementary bands, etc.  Show and demonstrate several instruments and explain how instruments work.  Ideal time would be near concert dates to have additional advertisement.  Myron White will follow up.
  • High School Senior Scholarship for students continuing their music studies.  Motion made to have a committee to study, Committee Chair- Carol Moles & Barry Tucker will be an advisor.

Dates for Concerts

  • Tuesday, December 3rd
  • Tuesday, May 2014

Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm

Minutes submitted by Mitzi Willingham, substituting for Susan Schlossberg

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