RVCB Board Minutes – August 31, 2015

Members present were: Gretchen Miller, Mitzie Willingham, Susan Kraterfield, Gary Kraterfield, David Graves, Randy Moore, Ken Richardson, and Charles Lamb.

Meeting was called to order by President Charles Lamb.

First rehearsal is set for September 8 at 7:00 at HVHS.  First performance will be at the VA Medical Center on September 16.  Susan thought band members should be told to bring their own stands and gig lights.

Gary passed out the proposed budget for 2015-2016.  Charles made a motion to reduce the corporate gift proposal from $2800 to $2500 since Evergreen Burial Park gave us a one time gift of $500.  Susan mentioned the other corporate sponsors who had given to us this past year; Kroger; GE; Better Sofas; Curry Copier, Beverage and Assoc.; Norfolk and Southern.  The band pays the director $100 for each concert no matter where it is held.  The cd sales are usually in the red but it was felt that it was good to keep making them and offering them to the members.  Money was saved when we did not do a concert at the Jefferson Center.  Everybody agreed they liked concerts at Hidden Valley and that even with the good acoustics at the Jefferson Center, it was not worth the cost of renting it.  Parking  was brought up as a problem with older audience members who might come there.   Randy made the motion to accept the budget with that correction and Gary seconded it.  The budget was approved.

David said he would inventory the shirts and ties the next time he is there to see if we need to order any more.  Susan requested that when ties are ever ordered, we need to get some bow ties.  Some members need the bow ties because long ties interfere with the instruments.

David said we need more members on the board.  Gretchen said she needs to go off the board as she has been secretary for many years.  Susan said she too would like to go off the board as she has been treasurer for 5 years.  David thought section leaders should be on the board, or appoint someone from their section to fill the spot.  Charles agreed that our next priority was to build the board, and make this announcement at the first rehearsal.  It was discussed that we should write up Myrons duties he had as business manager, and divide them up between more people..

Gary asked about opening up the band to more members.  Charles said that we have very little room left for many more.  Susan suggested we talk to the band, stressing the need for members to be at rehearsals, and needing to be at 3 of the last 5 rehearsals before a concert.

Charles said Barry was working on the dates from the winter concert.

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Gretchen Miller,  Recording Secretary

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