Rehearsal Location

The current Tuesday night rehearsal location is the auditorium at Hidden Valley High School.

  Membership and Requirements

Roanoke Valley Community Band (“RVCB”) is open to any resident of the Roanoke Valley or surrounding areas who wishes to participate.  RVCB is intended to provide a recreational musical outlet.  The band requires no audition for participation, only the desire to work together with other amateur musicians toward a common musical goal.  Donations will be gladly accepted on a voluntary basis to help defray expenses.

It is expected that members of any group of musicians performing within the music system will represent RVCB in a responsible manner.


RVCB will normally rehearse every Tuesday from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm in the rehearsal area as assigned.  As a result of scheduling, other rehearsals may be considered necessary from time to time.  Rehearsals are not held during the week of Thanksgiving and the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s Day. WHEN ROANOKE COUNTY SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED ON A DAY OF A SCHEDULED PRACTICE, (i.e., snow or any other reason), THERE WILL BE NO PRACTICE.  As the band is a guest of the school, or other facility allowing us rehearsal space, the rehearsal facility and equipment must be treated with reasonable care and respect.  There is to be no food or drink inside the rehearsal room.  There are no exceptions, please, this is of the utmost importance.


Regular attendance is encouraged, however, members are expected to inform the musical director or section leader of concert absences for planning purposes.  Members who must be late for rehearsals are still encouraged to attend.   Musicians must attend the last five rehearsals prior to a concert to be able to play in the concert.   The conductor can approve exceptions to this rule.

Fall and Winter Dress

RVCB strives to present itself in a visually appropriate manner for concerts and other functions.  The members of the band are asked to wear clothing that will offer a uniform look.  Members are asked to wear black skirts/trousers and white long sleeve blouses/shirts (ties for the men unless otherwise advised.)

Spring and Summer Dress

The band members are asked to wear black skirts/trousers and white tops (preferrably our band shirts).  Band shirts are purchased at member’s expense and are available in sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL.  Hats/visors are acceptable at our outside concerts.  Fall, winter and spring options can include sweaters and jackets for outside concerts.


RVCB may at times borrow music from the high schools, so care must be taken not to damage or lose it.  Use pencil when making any notes on music.  Folders with copies of the current music will be provided to all band members.  These folders may be taken home between rehearsals with the following restrictions:

  1. Each folder must be returned for the next concert regardless of whether or not the individual can attend.  Folders must be given to another band member of the Director anytime prior to said concert.
  2. Folders and music must be protected to insure that they are not lost or damaged.  The band has gone to great expense to provide these folders, please take care of them.
  3. All folders must be returned after the final performance of the season.  This will be announced by the Director.