Meeting Minutes – October 4th 2016

Band President Charles Lamb convened a meeting at 7:05 pm on October 4, 2016 of the Roanoke Valley Community Band board and band members for the purpose of installing the following list of new officers and board members that were nominated by the nominating committee for 2016-2017:

  • President:                   David Graves
  • Vice President:           Gary Beveridge
  • Treasurer:                   Dan Pollock
  • Secretary:                   Gary Kraterfield
  • Board Members:        Ken Richardson, Susan Schlossberg, Susan Kraterfield,
  •                                     Gretchen Miller, Mitzi Willingham, Charles Lamb,
  •                                     Richard Whitney, Jessica Curtin, Val Tensen

The vote was called and the band and existing board approved the new board unanimously.  Thanks was given to the exiting board officers, Charles Lamb, Susan Kraterfield and Gretchen Miller.

A new bank signature card will be required to remove the existing President and Treasurer and add Dan Pollock and David Graves.


Gary Kraterfield – October 4th 2016

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