Fall rehearsals starting September 8th

Hi Folks, hope your summer has been excellent.

First let me say there are several new people that are on the distribution that will be playing with us – let’s make them welcome 

Secondly I am still working to confirm a business mgr to replace Myron’s position

We have agreed to play the Vietnam Wall memorial on Wednesday September 16.  This is at the Salem VA medical center and is a traveling replica of the large monument in Washington DC.   To prepare for that Barry feels we should start rehearsal on Tuesday September 8.  That will give us 2 rehearsals prior to the ceremony

Several musicians (e.g. Kraterfields) are not available so if you too can’t make it let me know.

We are anticipating using HVHS for the rehearsal venue, but this is a little off our regular schedule for Fall startup and we have not yet gotten absolute confirmation, so stay tuned.  (This has been confirmed)

Several folks asked to be removed from our mailing list so if I have missed pulling you out, send me an individual email and I will adjust accordingly.

More details will be forthcoming.


for RVCB leadership

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